Get Involved

How do volunteers get involved?

As a volunteer community development organization, ISID offers friendly, secure and learning environment for our team of volunteers, interns, staffs, associates, community champions and members of our affiliates. ISID primary objective is service to the community. It is our policy requirement that all applicants serve a 3 months mandatory honorary voluntary service and undergo coaching, mentorship and performance appraisals. New employment opportunities are offered only to serving volunteers.

Our volunteer members include people with gifts, means and the heart to share and give (donate) and work with us for a noble cause to alleviate sufferings and advance humanity.

Therefore, volunteerism is a core value practised organization-wide and upheld at all times with or without project financing. All board members, staffs, volunteers, interns and associates commit to this spirit and core value as honorary member of ISID fraternity. All staff are volunteers.

We want to bring positive changes by developing and nurturing a pool of community volunteers, stewards and rights champions. Capacity building is cornerstone to our approaches and a priority theme. We nurture talents, values and grow gifts for humanity and sharing.

If you want to volunteer please reach us on or for our mentorship initiatives.